Working Policies

1. Long-term employment

Do you know “lifetime employment” policy?

It is a widely-common policy for many Japanese companies.

In Japan, many companies guarantee the employment for the lifetime of their staff.

And based on the assumption, staff (especially engineers) can focus on improving their skills.


 In your lifetime, many good things and bad things may happen. Sometimes, you may have

difficulty to make good performance and results even when you are trying your best. Even in

those tough times, the company supports you for your well being and further improvements.


Moreover,  we, Acroquest Myanmar, also agree with this idea and want staff to work as long as

possible to be happy and contribute for the company. If you also agree this engineer-friendly

culture, we believe Acroquest Myanmar is a suitable environment for you as well.

2. Working chances for years in Japan from early career

What makes your skills more productive and competitive in the global business?

One solution for this question is working long in challenging environments.


In Acroquest, already some members from Myanmar have been working in our Japan head office

for half a year. One of them went to Japan only after half a year from entering Acroquest Myanmar.

Acroquest is ready for you to work in Japan for years if you are enough hardworking, regardless of

you experience.

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