Work From Home


It has been several months since we started remote working for the safety of the employees. So, each employee has been improving the working environment at home. We will introduce the remote working environment of some of the outstanding employee.


If you are interested in our company, please see the available job descriptions in the following links.

Senior Frontend/ Backend Developer :

At first, let’s see the working environment of Ms. Thin Pyai Win.

She is our senior who has been working as Technical Lead of Acroquest Myanmar Technology. It has already been 7 yrs that Ms.Thin Pyai is working in Acroquest Myanmar since she graduated. Also, she had work experience in Head Office (Acroquest Japan) and also participated in international projects with Japanese Engineers.


Working environment in WFH

Even working from home, she setup working environment as the office environment. So, her productivity can be kept the same as working in office. Her working environment is setup well with

Two Displays and One Laptop, Ring Light for online meeting/event , Comfortable Chair



  • Price: 25000 MMK
  • Suitable resolutions (HP) for meeting

Other computer accessories (Keyboard, Mouse, etc. )

  • Price: $25
  • Easy to use even in dark area because of blackout


  • Price: 30000 ks ~ (don’t remember the price exactly)
  • Can connect with two devices simultaneously
  • Can pickup calls easily from both phone and computer when connect both.


  • Price: $36
  • Noise cancelling effect For meeting

Above equipment are reasonable and matched with the needs of remote working conditions.

Efficient working is very important for us who are developing cutting-edge technological projects to provide customer’s product on time.

Current projects and technical activities

She has a lot of experience in managing and developing a lot of projects with Python and Java. She is also joining the project which is using latest technologies with Serverless Architecture. Other computer accessories (Keyboard, Mouse, etc. )

Moreover, she is contributing technical seminar to Myanmar IT field even in this remote condition. For example,

  1. Sharing IT knowledge to Students from YTU and Experienced Engineers as lecturer of YTU IoT Community
  2. Students from other technical universities (UIT, UCSY) as supporter in Machine Learning event
  3. Being a tech speaker in outside event like AWS Community Day Myanmar


Thank you very much for your attention.

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