1. Three objectives

Acroquest Technology has three missions of “Mission to Society”, “Mission to Customers” and “Mission as ICT Engineers”. With the base of these missions, Acroquest Myanmar aims at the maximum social contribution. Please see also

2. “Company” is the “staff”

Acroquest is a unique company of “all staff participation”. It means, every staff thinks what is best for the company(all staff), while all staff(the company) think what is best for each staff. And this culture is of course open to staff in Myanmar, so that you can join to this team.


Acroquest has not been developed by a few charismatic leaders, but by all staff continuous efforts and cooperation. Visions, business, rules and even salaries are decided through discussions by all staff. Now, as members of a start up company in Myanmar, Acroquest Myanmar staff are committed to company development.

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