Technologies and Skills

1. Highest technologies

One significant feature of Japanese social infrastructure is its highest quality in the world.
And Acroquest’s software technology has contributed to its development.
In Acroquest Myanmar as well, you can learn those worldly highest technologies.

2. Not only programming, but also designing and testing

Acroquest Myanmar engineers do not only programming,
but also designing and testing.
Because Acroquest engineers have to take whole responsibility
to provide the most reliable social infrastructure.


In this environment, you can learn all necessary skills of high-quality software development.

Moreover, you can take technical lectures from our bosses from Acroquest Japan.


3. Management skills

To be an engineer of global-standard, not only development skills
but also many other management skills are necessary.
Acroquest provides CMMI-Level3-based management skill trainings and practices to you.

Then you can be a more firmly skilled engineers than other just “programers”.


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