Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Software development teams, from Acroquest Myanmar Technology Company, develop and distribute various mobile applications for many organizations and customers.

According to our company business services, we provide Android application as one part from our system to support client needs.

Therefore, our members are the skilful to understand and develop not only Android application for client side but also Backend services, cloud services and infrastructures.

Until now, we provided a lot of web and native mobile applications like lucky draw, directory searching, reservation, application form sharing and attendance managing, etc.,
To improve user convenience, our systems are created based on performance improving design by powering high technology.

Moreover, depend on technical necessaries of each project, we are using api for cloud and latest services (e.g. AWS services) in our applications.

Our members are skilful to be able to do designing, developing and releasing systems in Japanese quality. Because of our well-trained members, we could grantee to deliver high quality product to fulfil our customer’s requirements on schedule.Our development teams provide products and services throughout full application development life cycle.

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