Member voices

Thin Pyai Win


B.E(Information Technology)

Entered in June 2013

“Let’s improve both own skills and working place”


Hello! This is Thin Pyai from Acroquest Myanmar Technology.I got a Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) Degree at West Yangon Technological University (WYTU).I also attended a Java course at IMCEITS. In this training course, our team got the 1st project award.

Why I choose AcroMM

I chose AcroMyanmar because of its strong education system for all staff and chances to improve not only staff but also company by the staff.According to our company policy, staffs are the company and company is the staff.There is the strong trust between company and staff.Moreover, our company is the No 1 Java Company in Japan and developing Mission Critical Systems by using latest technologies.Therefore, staff can learn the latest technologies and apply in the real projects. Those are the reasons why I have chosen Acroquest.

I would like to invite the people who would like to improve not only themselves but also company together with us.

My dream for Myanmar with Acroquest


I would like to develop Mission Critical systems in our country to save peoples’ lives by preventing accidental situations. As you already knew, our country is developing day by day. Therefore, in the near future, we can practically apply those systems in many places. With that timing, I would like to cooperate to develop our country together with Acroquest.

Zin Hnin Wai


BE.IST (Bachelor of Information and Science Technology)

Entered in June,2016

“Let’s challenge every chance to accomplish our ambition”


My name is Zin Hnin Wai and working in Acroquest Japan.
I graduated from University of Technology (Yatanarpon Cyber City) as BE.IST (Bachelor of Information and Science Technology) in Pyin Oo Lwin.
My ambition is to contribute my technical and business knowledge to Myanmar IT society especially for young members because I would like to expand technical knowledge of Myanmar with our company.

Impressive point for our company’s Education

I would like to possess full knowledge and strong mindset for technology and business. That’s why I joined Acroquest Myanmar Technology starting from June,2016.
Because our company gives a long-term and rich education based on Japanese education contents to new staff and that is not only technologies but also business skills that need to become a professional engineer in global standard.

Getting great chance even though a young member in Acroquest

I got many chances to challenge improving my skills and fulfill my ambition. For example, I participated as a co-speaker in 2016 Developer Conference by giving Advanced Technology and made the recruitment activity with my colleague in UTYCC that I graduated by going to Pyin Oo Lwin with our working experience of only 4 months in Acroquest Myanmar. I appreciated so much for getting chance to challenge for new step from Acroquest Myanmar. Moreover, I got next great chance, at my working 7 months, to go to Head Office in Japan. Our bosses gave chance after our success in recruiting management in UTYCC.

So, now I’m in Acroquest Japan Head Office and learning advanced technologies and basic business skills everyday by many excellent engineers here to establish my career as a professional woman engineer. After training time, I will contribute back my knowledge and experiences to Acroquest Myanmar junior staff and Myanmar IT students by giving seminars and participating conferences.


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