Takuya Okada (Manager)


2005: Joined Acroquest Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Developed cloud-based, CMMI-compliant software configuration management system.
  • After the massive Earthquake in Japan 3.11.2011, responding to the strong demands from the telecommunication company, worked as the development team leader for telecommunication infrastructures monitoring systems used for rapid restoration from massive disasters (Earthquake, Tsunami etc).

1. Focus of technical training

As an Acroquest Myanmar Technology developer, you need to improve not only programming skill, but also designing and testing skill.

And also we train you about what you need to improve ( your improvement points). Every member’s skill and improvement points are not same so during lecture, we analyze those points and improve.

2. Skills to improve in project works

If you join to an actual project, you need to learn about a update technology. (Spring, jQuery etc…) And also you need to learn designing skill and testing skill. Studying and learning in a project everyday is our style of technical working.

3. Message to applicants

To be honest, our technology is difficult to learn, so it takes a long time to learn and understand.

That is why we want to work with persons who can work continuously with us. We have confidence that we can make any person become good software engineers by working together.

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