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What is kintone?

  • kintone is the information sharing cloud service system for the company. From the kintone you can check your business data in the real time. It is user friendly design and reasonable cost. So that you can save your time and can improve your work effectively and efficiently.

Features of kintone?

  • Database(information sharing and management) for Sales, Admin, Office Working, HR and so on.
  • Business Process Management such as customer list, inventory, expense and so on.
  • Communication (Reporting & Consulting)
  • Application Library Access
  • No-code Application Builder
  • Open API Connectivity

What can we do with kintone?

  • You can complete your daily works in efficient and effective ways without delay and also you don’t need to be IT specialist to use kintone.

Why we should use kintone?

  • Kintone is a social cooperation service which is provided from cloud(internet).
  • It is reasonable cost, short time and easy to create app for your business.

What is the benefits of kintone?

  • Managers can concentrate more important works by easily assign/report/check member’s work.
  • Company improves productivity and profit by useful Apps support works on one system.
  • Share report and analysis data in real time with not only PC but also Smartphone and Tablet.
  • Make suitable application for your company’s requirement speedy without engineers.
  • Do not need to buy additional equipment, you can start to use this service right now.

Sample apps

1) Customer List, Project List and Staff List

2) Meeting Minutes

3) Sale Data Analysis

4) Equipment Management

Simple and reasonable pricing!

Trial Lite Course Standard Course
Monthly plan price Try Free For 30 days 10,000Kyat 20,000Kyat
Number of Applications 200 1000
Number of Spaces 100 500
Create and modify user Apps
Download Apps from marketplace
Create views to show sata in different perspective

Anlyze data with Graphs Pie/Column/Bar/Line/Pivot

Use notification for user with checking data

Communicate with data by users

Import and Export data by Excel or CSV

Use API to extend function
Use JavaScript to customize
Use Plug-in customization

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