Junior Software Engineer

We are offering “Junior Software Engineer” position.
Let’s grab the chance to work in Japan and build up your career!

■ Registration Form

■ Requirements

  • Age range is 21~25 yrs
  • IT related degree/diploma or equivalent skills​
  • Using one programming language to develop Frontend/Backend system/application​
  • Business English (Business communication with Seniors)​
    • IELTS 5.5 and above or equivalent English skill​
  • Prefer to submit your result of learning (source code) 
  • Prefer to stay in Yangon for easy communications with office administration

■ Responsibilities

  • Can communicate with team and deliver the result according to deadline​
  • Can do self-study to accomplish the task​​
  • Prepare working environment to communicate/work with team daily 
  • Prepare secure PC for working in projects (Consult with company if you cannot)​

■ Benefits of working in Acroquest

  • Offer remote work
  • Get Rich Education to work in Japan​​
    • Technical skill, business skill, Japanese/English skill etc.​
  • Work with motivated colleagues in international working environment.​
  • Apply your Engineering skills in Innovated Business projects with latest and cutting-edge technologies​
    • such as AI/Machine Learning, IoT, Data Analysis, etc.,
  • Work in Japan(Acroquest Myanmar’s Head Office)​
    • If you are qualified.
  • Perform periodical skill up feedback from Leader/Manager​
  • Evaluate based on your actual result yearly.​
    • ( not based only on working term )

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