Three Objectives Acroquest Technology has three missions of “Mission to Society”, “Mission to Customers” and “Mission as ICT Engineers”. With the base of these missions, Acroquest Myanmar aims at the maximum social contribution.

Please see also http://www.acroquest.co.jp/en/company/mission.html


Acroquest is a unique company of “all staff participation”. It means, every staff thinks what is the best for the company(all staff), while all staff(the company) think what is the best for each staff. And this culture is of course open to staff in Myanmar, so that you can join to this team.

Acroquest has not been developed by a few charismatic leaders, but by all staff continuous efforts and cooperation. Visions, business, rules and even salaries are decided through discussions by all staff. Now, as members of a startup company in Myanmar, Acroquest Myanmar staff are committed to company development.

Culture and Atmosphere

Open and direct communication with Freedom culture
In Acroquest, every staff is warmly welcome any opinion for improvements of our business and company.
If you notice anything to improve a colleague and the company, you can speak out directly and openly to your colleagues and bosses with good-hearted.

Through this open and direct communication, Acroquest members have close relationships with each other.

You do not have to hesitate or be worried about in speaking directly, even for bad things.
That is why the freedom to suggest anything is 100% guaranteed in Acroquest. This band of trust and reliability is more comfortable for working longer. And our company is built by staff’s opinions.
That is our culture.

Working Policies

1.Long-term employment

Do you know “lifetime employment” policy?
It is a widely-common policy for many Japanese companies.
In Japan, many companies guarantee the employment for the lifetime of their staff.

Sometimes, you may have difficulty to make good performance and results even when you are trying your best. Even in those tough times, the company supports you for your well-being and further improvements.

Moreover, we, Acroquest Myanmar, also agree with this idea and want staff to work as long as possible to contribute for the company. If you also agree this engineer-friendly culture, we believe Acroquest is a suitable environment for you as well.

2. Working chances for years in Japan from early career

What makes your skills more productive and competitive in the global business?
One solution for this question is working long in challenging environments.

In Acroquest, already some members from Myanmar have been working in our Japan head office for half a year. One of them went to Japan only after half a year from entering Acroquest Myanmar.
Acroquest is ready for you to work in Japan for years if you are enough hardworking, regardless of your experience.

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