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Five skills to be a global software engineer


These are the skills necessary to be a global software engineer.
In real business, not only technical skill, but also business skill and human skill are required equally, with the base of English and Japanese.

1. Technical training


All trainings are provided by our company.They all are high quality standard and equal to Acroquest head office,which is the Java No.1 company in Japan.Technical Training (for Pre-Entry members)

(Basic programming, process, security)

・Technical Training (for Company Staff)

(Advanced programming, Technical research)

・Practical training

(Design, Web Application, Advanced Technology)

Technical Training (for Pre-Entry Training members)

Even though your technical skill is not enough, you can challenge our Pre-Entry Training.
Through following contents, we guarantee after this training you will become to be able to create source code originally, without copying other’s source code.

Design Flowchart
Programming Java Basic JavaCodingConvention Static Analysis
JavaScript Basic Spring Framework
MyBatis Framework HTML5 Basic CSS3 Basic
HSQLDB H2 Bootstrap
Test Testing Basic
Management Progress Management Basic
Other Security Basic

Technical Training (for Company Staff)

After entering our company, we continue to train you to step up higher level of global engineering standard working with real projects.
Improving practical Java development skills such as Advanced Java Design, Coding, Testing skills.

Process Upper Process Lower Process
Design Basic Design Detail Design Database Design
Class Diagram Sequence Diagram
Programming Java Advanced JavaScript Advanced jQuery Advanced
Spring Framework CSS3 Advanced MyBatis Framework
HTML5 Advanced PostgreSQL MySQL
Code Inspection Python Django Framework
PHP FuelPHP Android
Testing Testing Advanced JUnit Selenium
JaCoCo JSCover Quality Analysis
Management Progress Management Leader Education
Other Linux Basic Network Basic Virtual Machine
Rest Hive Jenkins
Hadoop HDFS Apache CXF
AWS Thrift

Practical training

We offer the best support of the practical training in Java Programming for coding, testing, designing, analysing and the latest technologies used in the current projects.

2. Business training

・Basic communication


・Group discussion

・Proper manners in party

・Logical thinking



3. Human training


・Honesty and reliability

・Give and take style

・Care for the other staff to grow

・Team work spirit

・Good well-being in life

4. Japanese trainings

With the aim of working in Japanese, even from basic courses, we provide you with essential business Japanese skill trainings.
Following courses are ready

・Basic (N5~N4)


*Practical Japanese trainings for ICT business start

・Advanced (N2~)

 Let’s enjoy our Japanese learning by clicking here.

5. English trainings

Since one of the goals of AcroMM staff is to be a globally competitive engineer, not only Japanese, but also having professional skills of English is also important.
With the firsthand know-how from working in international software development projects as a consultant more than five years, experienced engineers provide the practical training for business and engineering English.

・Business English writing

・Business English speaking / presentation

6. Special training in Japan

You can come to work in our head office in Japan within 1 year after entry, and take special trainings if your are excellent.

In Japan, you can work in the more various projects and business forms going in parallel.

You will also experience and join the truly liberal culture of Acroquest, such as Meeting of All staff (MA) and essentially comfortable environment for engineers.
We are quite sure all those experiences are the irreplaceable trainings for your career.


Career paths

To build you career as the Global Standard Engineer, we support every staff as the following career paths to achieve their goals according to above our education system.


  • Software Developers are a responsible person for developing software which are researching, designing, coding, and testing software.
  • System Engineers are a responsible person for developing software and managing the whole project task such as time, progress and quality of software.


Trainings curriculum


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