Culture and Atmosphere

1. Open and direct communication

In Acroquest, every staff is open to and welcome any opinion for improvements of our business and company.
If you notice anything to improve a colleague, your and others’ works and the company,
you can (more to say, you have to) speak out directly and openly to your colleagues and bosses.

It is not easy to find your deep weak points by yourself to overcome.
But through this open and direct communication, you can get very effective and fast growth.
You do not have to hesitate or be worried about in speaking directly, even for bad things.
That is our culture.

2. Freedom culture

2.1. Relationship of colleagues

Through having the open and direct communication, Acroquest members have close relationships with each other.
And this band of trust and reliability is more comfortable for working longer.


2.2. Freedom to suggest anything

As written above, you can suggest anything to improve the company and others
regardless of your experience and positions.
Acroquest thinks, young staff including newcomers have unique viewpoints which others do not have.
That is why the freedom to suggest anything is 100% guaranteed in Acroquest.
In this environment, nobody should hesitate to give any suggestion.

2.3. Company built up by staff opinions

Thanks to this flat and liberal culture,
Acroquest has developed its liberal environment and its business
which are highly evaluated in Japanese industry.
Acroquest is built up by free opinions from every staff.

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