Branch Manager

Terada Daisuke (Branch Manager)

Branch ManagerNow I am working as Branch Manager at Acroquest Myanmar Technology. I have worked as a process consultant in Acroquest Technology in Japan for over 10 years. During working in Acroquest Technology, I have experienced the leader of the appraisal team when Acroquest Technology achieved CMMI Level 3. I have made several training courses related to Software Testing and Business IT Management for teachers of Computer / Technical University and CICTT at CICTT with MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) between 2012 and 2013.

1. Vision and goals of Acroquest Myanmar

Acroquest Myanmar Technology is a software company with high technology.

Especially we are thinking that we are the No.1 Java company because we are producing Java troubleshooting services for several years and we have never abandoned to rescue our customer troubles. No other company produces such kind of service.

We are also focusing on the improvement of social infrastructure which require high technology in Japan. We would like to use our technology to improve Myanmar’s infrastructure and make Myanmar are going to develop much more. From this viewpoint, we hope to develop software for Myanmar and Japan.

2. Overall policies for education

Our staff will not become only Software programer. We hope our staff will be a good software engineer and business person. Therefore, we are teaching designing, programing and testing methodology with the latest technology used in all over the world. In addition to that, English, Japanese and Business skill will be taught to staff and they can improve themselves as a good engineer working in the global standard level.

Staff will get these training continuously under the working. In the software industry the latest technology is changing daily, therefore all staff can keep their skill with the latest technology.

3. Message for applicants

We would like to establish the software company which can contribute to the future of Myanmar in the long term. Therefore, we hope to hire good staff who can work together in the long term or your whole life.

Our company has a good training system for our staff. This training system is an investment for the future of staff and Myanmar. Let’s improve not only your technology but also your business skill and produce good products together.

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