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Acroquest Technology was certified as “AWS Machine Learning Competency” partner

Analyze IoT data with Machine Learning/AI and accelerate company DX

Acroquest Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa.  CEO: Ryu Shinmen. Hereafter “Acroquest”) has received certificate for “AWS Machine Learning Competency” partners from Amazon Web Services (hereafter “AWS”) in October 2021.  Acroquest became the 2nd company in Japan to receive the competency in “Platform Solution” category (the 3rd in all categories).


“AWS Competency” is a certificate that is given to AWS Partner Network (hereafter “APN”) partners who has outstanding technology and lead AWS customers to success in expert solution areas.

Furthermore, “AWS Machine Learning Competency” is newly published AWS competency for partners with expert technology in Machine Learning area and successes in introducing them.  In this certification, Acroquest’s IoT data analysis platform “Torrentio” was certified as verified solution in “Platform” category.

“Torrentio” is a platform to integrate machine learning and AI for easy visualization and analyzation of IoT data.  There are many technical elements to IoT, machine learning, and AI.  Therefore, it would take time for a company to introduce them and for them to take effect.  On the other hand, “Torrentio” will collect and store sensor, image, movie data from devices setup on customers’ work sites or remote sites.  This will enable customers to introduce IoT data management in short period and start using the machine learning and AI data analysis right away.  You can experience the effect to your business instantly.

Acroquest has supported many customers with “Torrentio”’s anomaly detection, prediction analysis, and MLOps, leading the customers to success.  These results were highly regarded on achieving “AWS Machine Learning Competency” Partner certificate.

 Acroquest will continue to introduce business improvement and DX to various industries with “Torrentio” and support companies and organizations that use AWS to their success.

◆What is Acroquest’s IoT data analysis platform “Torrentio”

Torrentio is a platform to easily visualize and analyze IoT data in real time using machine learning and AI technologies.  “Torrentio”’s anomaly detection, prediction analysis, and movie/image analysis will promote introduction of IoT/AI to various industries.

Customers can realize lean startup cycle of verifying and feeding back business ideas, enabling them to build service and improve their businesses in short amount of time.

■About Torrentio

◆About AWS Competency Program

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■About AWS Competency Program

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