Company Activities

As the culture of Acroquest, we think the welfare(mental satisfaction) of our staff is very important. To have better life together, we have activities and benefits for all staff.

Global Community

If you work in AcroMyanmar, you can get a chance to attend international events.

In this photo, you can see Myanmar staff, Ye Min Khaung, who is now working in Acroquest(Head Office) in Japan, got a chance to attend Java Day Tokyo event.Java Day Tokyo was held in 24th May 2016 in Tokyo.

In that event, Technicians discussed Java related technologies such as MVC, JASON and JAVA EE 8.Ye Khaung communicated with the Java Community Manager in Oracle, Stephan Chin.

So our company is training staff to be qualified to attend this kind of advanced technology events.

Acroquest staff are learning for not to commit only on work but training staff to be International experienced software engineer by giving chances such as Ye Khaung got.

Weekly Education


Acroquest Myanmar Technology gave many supportings to all members. One of the supportings is about Weekly Education. Educations are two times in an week.Our Japanese bosses and all members always share about Business Lecture, Technical Lecture, English and Japanese Language Improvement Lecture each other to get good and professional Software Engineers’ Life.

Japanese class


Getting good Japanese Language skill to all members, Acroquest Myanmar Technology divided many kinds of Japanese classes just like “Basic 1”, “Basic 2”, “Pre-Intermediate”, “Intermediate” and etc.

In this Japanese class, native Japanese bosses are supported as teacher and they teach a lot of Knowledge about Japanese Language in our company.

Monthly party


Acroquest Myanmar Technology always holds monthly party every end of the month.At this party, our company let to enjoy with good and delicious foods, enjoyable games and with good speech and good knowledge from Japanese bosses.

2017 company trip

On 17 March 2017 , our company went to Ngwe Saung Beach for company trip . For this time, our company choose tents to take a rest by members in order to get new experience.

And also , we went to Birds Island by riding speed boat.This is really memorable moment for all staffs because it is very exciting. Our bosses treat sea foods to staffs when we arrived to Birds Island.The taste of sea foods are really fresh and good.After having sea food , we felt fresh by swimming near Island.

At night , we went to have dinner at Ume café&Bar in Ngwe Saung . The restaurant gave entertainment by dancing with fire .It looks very beautiful . We all felt excited by looking at dancers who are playing with fire.

And we leave from Ngwe Saung Beach at 19 March .
Then we went to Elephant Camp. We did elephant trekking. Elephants are so clever and we got new experience of elephant trekking in forest.

We are appreciated to our company for giving new feeling , new experience and supporting for trip.I am sure you also will get that kind of good experience if you are our company's members.

2016 company trip

In 2016,our company visited to Bago. Acroquest Myanmar Technology members got not only relaxation but also good deeds from 2016 company trip. Because we donated to "AungZayDi" monastery at Bago.

That monastery is giving education to children starting from primary level to high school level. We treated children to lunch and washing dishes. How enjoyable !

Before we visited to monastry, we visited to "Htauk Kyant War Cemetery" which is the largest cemetery in Myanmar. It's quite interesting for us.

After donation, we looked around "KanBawZaTharDi Royal Palace", one of the honourable places for Myanmar with our Japanese bosses. It is blessing to explain our Myanmar Royal history to our Japanese bosses.

At last,Our bosses treated all members to dinner at "Shwe Pyi Resort". All members got a lot of memorable time from 2016 company trip and we could never forget our Japanese boss's supporting for this trip.

2015 company trip

We visited to Chaung Tha on March 21, 2015. This is our Second time Company Trip.
Our company supported accommodation fee, transportation fee and dinner for this trip.

Our colleagues relaxed with white waves. It is very pleasure. And also ate the sea food together .After playing with waves.

I would like to recommend you to visit Chaung Tha at least once in a life time. We also went to “Thae Phyu island” and we felt the fresh air through the sea.

By the way, our bosses paid for the transportation fee to go to that island. We really appreciate to our bosses for their kindness.

Did you see and notice the letters on our shirt?Each member's shirt has one English letter.

When all members gathered, each character combined to create meaningful sentences. That is what we would like to describe our mind related with our company.

If you join to our company, you can also get these kinds of benefits. So please join and level up your professional life with “Acroquest”.

2013 company trip


We have visited to NayPyiTaw for "Sea Games 2013" with all members as the first company trip. In the trip, company supported to all staff for transportation fees, accommodation fees, and dinner.

I believe that you will enjoy the same happiness with us by seeing the photos of us in SEA Games.

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