1. Social development


Acroquest has built number of mission critical systems with high availability and performance.
For example, the monitoring system for Shinkansen bullet train.
We accelerate the evolution of Myanmar's Social Development.

2. Big Data platform


With progress of Information Technology, the data volume which we treat have increased rapidly.
Acroquest developed two products, in order to reply to the needs.

AcroMUSASHI is an open-source-based solution processing big data at high speed.

"halook", another Acroquest product visualizes the state of Hadoop clusters consisting of lots of servers, operating size and empty size for every HDFS server, status of each task and the Region number of HBase.

3. ENdoSnipe


ENdoSnipe is a Java diagnostic tool which rapidly solves problems occurred during system development projects.
Therefore, it has abundant functions and opens to the public as open source.
If you use ENdoSnipe,
①The bottleneck of the system will be detected.
②The cause of memory leak or performance issue is specified
③The structure of system and the flow of processing are displayed.

ENdoSnipe Website:

4. Quick Draw (Android Application)


QuickDraw is a free lucky draw application for Handset. Users can win the prize for rich gifts of total amount of more than 1 million kyats every month by QuickDraw. The users can apply many prizes by walking with the handset. This application is giving many variety of gifts such as iPhone, Android Tablet, travel ticket, cosmetics and so on for every month.

Facebook address:
Download website:

5. QuickPOS (Point of Sale System)


QuickPOS system is POS/Ordering system for shops which is produced by Acroquest Myanmar Technology.
QuickPOS has three systems such as Basic POS system, Order System by Waiter and Order System by Customer.

Basic POS system can be used by your laptop PC. If you use your laptop PC, you can save the money and you can
use the data of POS system for your shop sales analyzing.

Those systems will make shops convenient in order management, stock management, sale management and
account management. We are supporting our client's business by offering the best after sale service still now.

6. Reservation Service System


Acroquest Myanmar produced web based reservation service system for restaurants/shops.

With this service, customers can make their reservation via smart phone or web directly. Operators of restaurants/shops can manage all schedule of reservation for customers.

This reservation service is hosted on cloud server, so the service can run 24 hours every day.
Operator doesn't need any installation of new software to check reservation and smart waiting list of shops/restaurants. And, the operators can access the reservation service from anywhere in which internet is available.

7. JaTS (Java Trouble Shooting Service)


JaTS is Java Trouble Shooting service.
Based on the abundant development track records of Acroquest, we perform the thorough obstacle analysis and cause
unfolding. And we solve the problem of the system in the probability of 100%.

8. Java seminar and Other seminars


We carry out free Java seminar at university in Japan for student's IT literacy and improvement in technical capabilities.
As one company which has supported the society's infrastructure by technical capabilities, as one engineer team who loves
technology, Acroquest tells the pleasure of work of SE and performs the educational activity to which social IT power is evolved from now on.

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