The best system to manage your business

  • QuickPOS is the reliable system to support for managing your shop easily and efficiently. By using QuickPOS system, your PC will become the POS system. So, you don't need to buy new computer for having POS system in your shop.
  • You can connect QuickPOS system with portable tablets and make the effective ordering system. It can reduce making the mistakes by waiters. And, the customer can use digital menu to order!

  • At the Basic POS system the following functions include:
    1. Order Management Function
    2. Stock Management Function
    3. Close Cash Function
    4. Payment Function

    1. Order Screen
  • Order System by Waiter (Optional)

    Order Management Function

    • A waiter can choose and can order food easily from a tablet.
    • An order is immediately informed to the kitchen.
    • Can order the selected products directly to kitchen.
    • After ordering, you can check the previous order anytime.

    1. Menu Screen

    Order System by Customer (Optional)

    Order Management Function and Benefits

    • Your customers can order the menu by themselves!
      • Your customer can get new experience for ordering!
      • Your shop can reduce resources for handling orders!

    • Digital menu can be changed and add information easily!
      • It is no need to cost to change the menu.
      • You can add new feature of the menu soon.

    • You can produce special menu as you like!
      • For example, you can make "Today's special" every day! You can advertise and recommend in every day!
    1. Menu Screen

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