Quick Draw Activities

About QuickDraw Application and Its Event


“QuickDraw” is a lucky draw android application of Acroquest Myanmar Technology Co. Ltd.

By using “QuickDraw” Application, users have chances to be the winners of prizes in every month. Therefore, we hold “QuickDraw” Event for awarding prizes to “QuickDraw” Winners.

In every “QuickDraw” Event, we are presenting many interesting programs such as “QuickDraw” Application Explanation, lucky draw program for coming persons, awarding prizes to “QuickDraw” winners and entertaining by Myanmar famous singer.

Exciting and Fantastic QuickDraw Event

On January 23, 2016, QuickDraw event was held happily and successfully with our attendees.

Before this event, we released QuickDraw version 2.1.
In version 2.1, we added some functions to use comfortably for users for example we can use Fortune Teller function even offline.

During event time, we prepared the fortune wheel to check fortune result freely and happily.
And also we provided Lucky Draw.

Most of attendees enjoyed and got the big lucky prizes such as smart phones, Denis Martin Watches, Clocks, Giordano Bags, Power Banks and SD Cards.

You can see their excited faces before playing Lucky Wheel and their smile and enjoyable face after getting the prizes.

We would like to welcome you to come and enjoy in next QuickDraw Event to get happy and exciting time. ^^)

Wonderful QuickDraw Prize Giving Event at Full Moon Day of War So

QuickDraw Event was held successfully on Full Moon Day of “War So”. (July 31, 2015)

In this QuickDraw Event, we released QuickDraw version 2.0 to our users. In this version, we added “Fortune” function and also you can see the attractive design. By using “Fortune” function in QuickDraw application, users can get many gift points.

Furthermore, "VERUMLIB Co., Ltd." also participated happily and actively as one of our QuickDraw Sponsors and demonstrated "SNAPP", the game platform for mobile phone. Attendees also enjoyed together with lucky draw prizes and new version of QuickDraw Application.

You enjoyed at our QuickDraw Event, didn’t you?
So, please come and enjoy in next QuickDraw Event not to miss the chance to get many lucky draw accessories!!!

QuickDraw Prize Giving Event At Junction Square


On May 15, 2015,”QuickDraw Prize Giving Event” was held at Junction Square Shopping Mall.

In this event, our company’s QuickDraw developers explained about QuickDraw application. And we made lucky draw for all coming persons such as Galaxy mobile phone, Sony camera, Giordano Bag, Dennis Martin watch, Sumire Cosmetic, Power bank, Micro SD card and other interesting accessories.

Furthermore, famous singer, Ye Yint Aung gave the prizes to QuickDraw prizes winners. He entertained with his famous songs to the attendees, too. Then, attendees really came alive on that event.


We will have “Next QuickDraw Event” at the end of July. So please come and join with us!!!
If you join, you will have a chance to get good “Lucky draw accessories“ and you can enjoy by listening the famous singer songs.

Pre-Thingyan QuickDraw Prize Giving Event

“Pre-Thingyan QuickDraw Prize Giving Event” was the promotion and held for giving LuckyDraw prize that was got by using QuickDraw application.

That event was held on April 05, 2015 at AKK Shopping Centre. For the attendees, our company gave many valuable and useful prizes as a lucky draw such as Samsung smart phone, dennis martin watch, power bank, SD card and so on.

Besides, famous Myanmar singer “Po Po” participated in our “Pre-Thingyan QuickDraw Prize GivingEvent” by singing the songs.

Attendees got many lucky draw prizes. You can see their happy faces via the following photos (^^


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