Assistant Managers

I am Mizuho Wakai. I came from Acroquest Japan head office. As branch administrator of Acroquest Myanmar Technology, I work in Quality Assurance field and office management.
Our policy is that "Develop company by all staff" not "by Japanese head office staff".
"By all staff" is keyword. That means each our staff needs to consider not for herself/himself but for company and surrounding people.

I believe who considers for surrounding people can build up their career as high skilled engineer and develop Myanmar society. Currently, our customer and university professor praised our latest technology and globally advanced company culture. I would like to brash up our technology and company culture more with our advanced education.

Myanmar is currently developing. Our company will contribute to Myanmar society with our high technology and advanced education for Myanmar business person.

I am Pin Maing Soe and working as Assistant Manager of Acroquest Myanmar Technology. I graduated M.C.Sc from the UCSY. I entered our company in 2012 May. I have around 3 years working experience at Acroquest Japan head office. I am also leading and managing several projects that have many members. And then, I am also doing as speaker at DevCon and BarCamp to be able to contribute our Myanmar Society based on experienced that I got in my company. I am Assistant manager of Acroquest Myanmar Technology.

Currently, Myanmar is developing country and it needs several practical knowledge especially for working mind-set rather than skill. Our company is especially giving education mainly for humanity skill and working mind-set. I would like to distribute the practical knowledge to our staff who understand how to give back to others rather than thinking how to get from others.

So, I would like young generation to focus on how to improve soft skill with giving mind-set to other that can make you to be stay long time with high standard. Even though our company is foreign company, every time we are considering how to contribute and promote Myanmar society with our highest technology and business mind-set. We will continue to contribute Myanmar with our strong policy with our valuable staff.

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